BluCloud m-POS

Mobile Point of Sale Solutions for Card Payments

BluCloud m-POS is a cloud based ‘SaaS’ platform, which allows Acquiring Banks, or Payment Service Providers, to enable merchants to accept card payments, using an Android smart phone, which combined with our m-POS application & an external card reader (attached to the phone via its headphone jack), turns the mobile phone into a POS terminal.

Estel is a leading provider of m-POS solutions and our customers may either, buy our platform to deploy it in their data centre, or, may use our hosted BluCloud m-POS service.

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BluCloud Services

BluCloud is a cloud based ‘SaaS’ platform, enabling several MFS and Mobile Commerce software solutions for Operators, Service Providers and their large Distributors worldwide.

BluCloud platform with proven deployments globally offers a highly Reliable, Scalable and a High Performance platform at affordable upfront and low operating costs.

BluCloud is a fully managed service and customers do not need any in-house specialised IT skills and can focus on their core businesses instead of spending time and effort on managing technology.

Web Recharge
BluCloud e-Recharge

BluCloud e-Recharge enables single or multi operator PIN-less or PIN based recharge, via mobile phones and POS terminals.

BluCloud is a hosted SaaS model platform for MNOs, Service Providers and large Distributors. BluCloud e-Recharge offers four variants to suit different needs, these variants are:

  BluCloud e-Top Up: enables multi-operator PIN-less recharge
  BluCloud e-Voucher: enables multi-operator e-PIN vending
  BluCloud Web Recharge: enables web & mobile portal based e-Top Up
  BluCloud Corporate Recharge: enables web based bulk corporate e- recharge



BluCloud m-POS is a cloud based ‘SaaS’ platform, which allows Acquiring Banks, or Payment Service Providers, to enable merchants to accept card.


Mobile Money

BluCloud Mobile Money is a hosted Cloud based SaaS platform for Banks, Financial Institutions, MNOs and other Mobile Money Service Providers - Discontinued



BluCloud e-Recharge platform supports multiple operators and multiple services. An extremely versatile platform with a solution available for all recharge.

  e-Top Up
BluCloud e-Top Up is a cloud based ‘SaaS’ platform offering prepaid top Up service providers to enable quicker launch of prepaid services such as Mobile Airtime, Calling Cards, Prepaid Internet, Satellite, Prepaid electricity etc.
BluCloud e-Voucher is an exclusive service for service providers of distribution of prepaid Electronic Vouchers enabling recharge of any prepaid service including Mobile Airtime, Satellite TV, prepaid Internet, Calling Cards, Prepaid Electricity etc using Cloud-based ‘SaaS’ platform.
  Web Recharge
BluCloud Web Recharge is a cloud-based ‘SaaS’ platform for Web based Recharge service providers that permits recharge of all kinds of prepaid services like Satellite TV, Mobile Airtime, Calling Cards, Prepaid Electricity, Prepaid Internet etc.
  Corporate Recharge
BluCloud Corporate Recharge is a unique and quick service that facilitates bulk recharge of mobile account using Cloud Based ‘SaaS’ platform. This exclusive service can be accessed by all the entitled employees of a corporate customer in single and simple operation.



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