BluCloud e-Top Up

BluCloud e-Top Up

  •   Easy & fast deployment to enable quicker launch of your services
  •   Low upfront costs & low running costs with ‘pay as you go & grow model’
  •   No restriction of volumes of traffic and transactions
  •   Scalable to handle unlimited number of distributors, retailers and agents
  •   Fully Managed Service
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BluCloud e-Top Up

logoBluCloud e-Top Up is a cloud based ‘SaaS’ platform, enabling service providers of prepaid top up to offer recharge of any prepaid service such as Mobile Airtime, Satellite TV, Calling Cards, Prepaid Internet, Prepaid Electricity etc.

BluCloud e-Top Up enables multi-operator PIN-less recharge, via mobile devices & web portal, with an on-line integration of the platform to your MNO’s IN or Top Up systems or billing systems of other service providers.
An optional add-on bill payment module is also available, which enables you to offer utilities bill payment services via the same infrastructure & agent network.

Estel is a leading provider of e-Recharge solutions and the customers may either, buy our platform to deploy it in their data centre, or, may use our hosted BluCloud e-Top Up service.

BluCloud Benefits:

BluCloud hosted service enables you to distribute e-Recharge in your market without worrying about technology, its operations and support. You simply sign up and access to using the platform with the help of highly intuitive and user-friendly GUIs over internet anytime and from anywhere. The key benefits of BluCloud e-Top up service over buying a system are:

  • Easy & fast deployment to enable quicker launch of your services
  • Low upfront costs & low running costs with ‘pay as you go & grow model’
  • Fully Managed Service includes hosted platform with the required infrastructure including Hardware, Software, Database, Operating System & Network components, 24x7 monitoring & technical support, on line reports.
  • Scalable to handle unlimited number of distributors, retailers and agents
  • No restriction of volumes of traffic and transactions.

How it works:

You sign up for the service, by paying a onetime set up fee, and then an ongoing service fee, which is deposited into your account in the system. You procure and manage any mobile or POS devices required by your retailers and agents to sell e-Top Up.

  • We configure your service on our hosted platform, including integrations to your local operator’s prepaid systems for PIN-less top up and to their SMS/USSD systems for connectivity. All integrations are done over VPN, based on integration API’s provided by you
  • We train and assist you to configure service details such as Products, Commissions and Agent hierarchies and Access Roles for your team
  • We train and assist you to perform end to end testing of the system. You then buy e-Recharge stock from all your operators and you are ready to launch!
  • You configure all your dealers and agents in the system. Each distribution hierarchy member gets an m-Wallet and MPIN in the system. You credit e-Recharge stock value into their m-Wallets on receipt of their order & payments
  • When Subscribers visit an agent, he/she enters subscriber’s phone number, recharge amount and his/her MPIN into their mobile device sends a SMS/USSD message to the system
  • e-Top Up system debits Retailer’s/Agent’s m-Wallet with recharge amount (net of commission), and credits this amount into subscriber’s prepaid account in prepaid operator’s system, on line in real time
  • Retailer/Agent is sent an SMS notification of the transaction with a Transaction ID and date/time stamp and their new m-Wallet (stock) balance

BluCloud Service SLA:

Our BluCloud services are backed by a stringent Service Level Agreement which guarantees our customers:

  • 99.9% service availability
  • 100% accuracy in transaction processing, based on configuration done by the customer
  • Email alerts & escalations
  • SLA excludes network related problems

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An ISO 9001:2008 certified company